creating business opportunity
since 2009

Black Diamond Drilling is a Family owned business since 2009. Specializing in the Permian Basin, with over 20 years of energy industry experience. We help businesses in the oil & gas, water drilling, and mineral exploration industries find the ideal product for their ideal use. Businesses from all around the world come to us in search of used, quality equipment they need for an unbeatable price.

on-site features

At Black Diamond Drilling, we believe that every customer deserves a hassle-free experience. That’s why we provide hassle-free on-site features for loading, hauling, and weight scale at no extra cost.

A cute forklift

free loading

Heavy equipment requires heavy
machinery to move it. That’s why we have on-duty forklifts and winch-trucks ready to work.

Fast and Furious delivery truck.

freight ready

Sometimes the simplest job is the
toughest to do. We can find freight trucks ready to move any equipment.

Callies Scales

weight scale

If you’re feeling unsure of your hauling weight, we have weight scale ready to weight your load.

shipping map

Having customers from all of the world, we’ve proudly kept our promise and delivered equipment
all over the U.S. from coast-to-coast. We hope to keep our promise by shipping your equipment
to any border or coast in the United States.